Thursday, 29 November 2012

Butterfly Kisses - Card kit

Hi there - Another month nearly gone! I have finished feeding calves - have handed the job of feeding the last 16 calves milk, over to my son Matt, who is home for the holidays and is working for us to save some money for next year.
So I have been busy out in my garden and in my craft room! You can see a bit of my garden in the next photo - so nice and green after all the rain we have had! Can you see my Birdhouse? We moved it on to the trunk of a tree we cut down and there are about 6 birds living in there! Mum, Dad and 4 kids we think!! Anyway they are making a mess on my deck as they land on the roof to check if the coast is clear before going into the birdhouse! So I am not happy about the mess! Might have to board up the opening after they move out!
Anyway onto crafty stuff! I made a card kit up using Kaisercrafts Butterfly Kisses Collection.
 I decorated a kraft bag to put everything in.

 This is the sample card.

 12 blank cards and envelopes.

 Patterned paper for the background and strip across.

 Some Stamped Happy Birthdays and some collectables.

 Some Bling!

All together and it all fits nicely into the bag.

I made this for a sweet 8 year old who loves to craft! She can make cards for her friends.

I have made some more of these and will show them later!


Happy Creating!


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